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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What kind of warranty do the shelves have?

What material is the shelving system made of?

What additions can be made to the shelving?

What is the weight capacity of shelving?


How long will these cabinets last?

What are the garage cabinets made of?

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

Do you provide custom sizes or dimensions for cabinetry?


What types of overhead racks are there?

How much weight do the overhead racks hold?

What items are best stored on overhead racks?

What are the differences between motorized overhead racks and normal racks?

How do the motorized overhead racks work?

What are the overhead storage racks made out of?


Do you offer a warranty on flooring?

How long does a floor installation take?

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the floor installation?

What is the difference between polyurea coatings and epoxy coatings?

When can I start using my new floor?

Is the floor covering slippery?

How do I clean my new floor?

Are the resins used harmful to me or the environment?

Does the floor scratch?

Does the flooring leave a smell?


What happens when I fill out a Contact Form?

How long does the in-home consultations take?

Do I get the estimate during the consultation?

How long is a typical installation?


Your website says you’re an authorized Gorgeous Garage dealer. What does that mean?

Do you charge for in-home consultations or estimates?

Do you have a showroom or storefront I can visit?

Can I install Gorgeous Garage products myself?

Do you operate on the weekend for estimates or installations?

Are you an accredited and insured company?

Do you offer any discounts or offers (veterans, seniors, referrals, etc.)?


Does the price of the product include installation?

Will the consultant give me a design, or do I tell him/her what I want?

Do I move my stuff out of the garage? Or do you move it out for me?

Does it matter if I get flooring or storage first?